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Welcome to Haarmode Monique

 The Curl Specialist

 Official point of sale

Controlled Chaos.


Meet our new cutting / curling technique, twice as much curl and volume.

Through training I master this special cutting technique,

in combination with the products of Controlled Chaos I ensure naturally bouncy curls without frizz.

You can follow all my transactions on, Facebook en Instagram.

New messages are regularly sent to us blog and there will be new ones movies placed.

Have fun shopping and if you have any questions, please send me an email to: [email protected]  

Would you like to make an appointment, preferably by telephone, 06-23778375

Ring lamp for perfect selfies

Ring lamp for perfect selfies

Ring lamp for perfect selfies is an indispensable tool in the somewhat dark days or rooms. What I find so useful about this ring lamp is that it fits perfectly in your handbag and it easily clips onto your phone. I used to have a cheaper version, but this one is ...

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Controlled Chaos instructions

Controlled Chaos instructions

With this Controlled Chaos I hope to help you on your way to "the best curls ever"! If you still can't figure it out or if you have any questions, send me a Whats app via the button on this website. I would like to help you! The cleanser: Rinse your hair well first! ...

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Controlled Chaos in stock

Controlled Chaos in stock

Controlled Chaos in stock at hair fashion monique! We have worked with different products in the market, but controlled chaos beats everything. I have never worked with one brand for so long. 3 tubes suitable for every type of curl! It takes some experimenting with your ...

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Another part of hair fashion Monique 

Wig specialist

De PruikSpecialist specializes in hairpieces and wigs.

Outside Helmond, the WigSpecialist naturally also fulfills wishes for hairpieces / wigs for customers from the surrounding cities and villages, such as Eindhoven, Deurne, Gemert, Asten, Someren, Heeze, Leende, Valkenswaard, Geldrop, Nuenen and Mierlo. 

The WigSpecialist is a private brand of Haarmode Monique.

Visit the Wig specialist page