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Review Hair fashion Monique & Controlled Chaos

Review Hair fashion Monique & Controlled Chaos

Review Haarmode Monique “me and my controlled chaos ritual”

Just woke up and pick up my phone. I scroll through FB and come across a message about curl products from America, controlled chaos. The message attracts my attention because I always struggle with my stroke / curl. I think the products are a bit pricey but the results in the photos are beautiful, I doubt ordering them because I already have so many products at home, but nothing that I am really satisfied with. Every product I bought promises everything but is always disappointing.

I decided to tack once and order these products. More also because these products come from America and I think that they often lead the field in terms of everything that has to do with hair and fashion.
Once the products were in I immediately went to wash my hair, couldn't wait for the result. Beforehand I had thoroughly studied the videos on YouTube and looked up the type of curl I have. In the packaging that the products were in, there was also an extensive description about the use of the products and the do's and don'ts, very handy.
In my opinion, I had followed everything up as well as possible and was reasonably happy with the result, but I expected more from it. The result was not like in the photos and videos I had seen. I still couldn't get it completely under control, even after three months. I had sent a message to Controlled Chaos and explained my problems. Got a quick response with tips. I followed this up but the result did not improve, but I still decided to continue using the products.
I later saw on the site of Controlled Chaos that a new cutting technique was developed especially for curly hair and that you could attend a workshop on how to use the products. This seemed to me a bit alone, it was a long way away. I kept this in mind and would schedule another appointment if I was less busy.

A few weeks later I came across a message on FB about hair salon Haarmode Monique in Helmond that applies this cutting technique and works with these products.!

And this also ten minutes away from me. I had never heard of this hair salon, I decided to make an appointment for the curl cutting technique with products. The lady was very nice on the phone and had already answered some of my questions, I had a good feeling about it. I went there a little nervous. Once in the chair, she did not immediately get to work. She first wanted to know what exactly I did not succeed with the products, she studied my hair and asked what my wishes were. We discussed the length and she went to work. With each step she explained exactly what she was going to do and why and immediately gave tips. With each product she also showed the amount she used, which I liked so that I could remember that at home. Blow-drying took quite a long time, but I have a lot of thick hair, but the result is impressive! She took a picture of the result and would post it on her site, she had posted the same day. I saw the photo on the site, it was just such a photo that you could encounter on the site of controlled chaos.

A few days later the real challenge came, especially washing her and getting started. After Monique's tips I finally got it under control. No other products for me anymore. Thnx Monique!

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Review 2 Hair fashion Monique & Controlled Chaos

Review 2 Hair fashion Monique & Controlled Chaos

Review 2 Hair fashion Monique & Controlled Chaos

I wanted something different with my hair. After 8 years of applying the cream of perfect curl and whole buses of mouse in my hair, I was tired of it.

Curls, but without volume. what I just wanted! That's why I decided to cut my hair just above my shoulders! Just before I went to Malta for four months, "because when it gets ugly, nobody knows me there." In good spirits I went to the hairdresser .. What do you want with your hair? "Just do the dots!" I didn't dare anymore ..

There my bunch curled WITH volume ..

So now I was in Malta with my long haircut. I was still tired of my hair .. There I searched on the internet, facebook, Instagram etc. for other products or possibly other techniques for my hair! Pretty soon I arrived at Controlled Chaos! Searching again and again, but always remained Controlled Chaos in my head, everything looked nice and good! But in my opinion it remained Controlled Chaos surpass the rest .. While I was in Malta I got the curl cream, moisturizer and cleanser from Controlled Chaos ordered so I could use them right away when I got home (I thought).

On Wednesday came home, all three tubes were ready, but I had no idea what to do with it .. Monday I had a curly haircut, at Haarmode Monique. I thought I'll wait until Monday, then she can explain to me exactly how or what!

When it was finally Monday, a lot of my hair went off and I started using the products from then on Controlled Chaos use!
While treating my hair with the products, I asked her a number of questions about the amounts to use and how often. Meanwhile I hung my head down because she was already drying my hair, she was done! I looked in the cribs and WOW! The curl and volume I always wanted!

I already had some tips via the facebook page of Haarmode Monique! Sleeping with a loose tail in the middle of your head and using a fogger in the morning (which I had bought at the hairdressing salon).

The next morning, I looked in the mirror and really thought where did my volume go ... it was a huge difference from the night before! I could cry .. I thought what now .. there I am with my short hair and all those products that do nothing with my hair anyway .. After thinking for a moment I thought, I could do it yesterday, I have to do it today too succeed! That is why I immediately included the facebook page of Haarmode Monique! Moisten my hair with the nebulizer (mixed with moisturizer), then knead in the curl cream and blow dry!

The result was exactly as I wanted!

I often wear my hair on a tail (which looks like a bun due to the length), so I have the well-known "bulge" in my hair every time .. after a few times spraying with the nebulizer and some curl cream which is fortunately completely away!

I am now 1.5 weeks later, so the result is not yet at its best (I have read)! But I can say that I am very satisfied with the products of Controlled Chaos and the curling / cutting arts of Monique!

I love it!


Thank you Iris for your Review 2 Hair Fashion Monique!

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