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Ring lamp for perfect selfies

Ring lamp for perfect selfies is an indispensable tool in the somewhat dark days or rooms. What I find so useful about this ring lamp is that it fits perfectly in your handbag and it easily clips onto your phone. I used to have a cheaper version, but it is still nicer to use, especially because you can charge it and do not have to use batteries.

ring lamp for selfies


But most importantly! it really makes you a little more handsome! lines and spots disappear like snow in the sun! Even during a night, this ring lamp ensures perfect selfies and a very nice result!

But this ring lamp is not only suitable for selfies! also for the most beautiful tap tok, reels or vlog recording, this ring lamp is the MUST HAVE! Of course I now have a large ring lamp at home, but unfortunately it doesn't fit in my handbag. And then this ring lamp for your mobile is a great alternative!

Tip: These are great gifts for young girls! Success guaranteed!

Warning: Do you have a daughter at home? Then buy two right away! I now know from experience that you have lost the ring lamp continuously, or it is empty and you have to recharge the ring lamp first.

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Controlled Chaos tested for curls

Controlled Chaos tested for curls,

My favorite product for curls!

As the owner of "De curl hairdresser van Helmond"   Hair fashion Monique

I use the latest products from Controlled Chaos  from America for a long time now with great pleasure!

Controlled Chaos for curls tested by me, but now many people all over the world! It is a miracle cure for curls!

Controlled Chaos-in-stock

No fluff but a nice bouncy curl with shine!

The most important points in a row,

  • prevents fluff
  • adds shine
  • protects against heat
  • no added gluten.
  • without parabens
  • without sulfates
  • Bio and Vega
  • not tested on animals

How I do that,

Watch my videos, me and my curls ritual

Proper distribution and application of the products is half the battle!

Apply the cleanser to the scalp in steps. So that you can then massage it well into the scalp. This is very important! I know from experience that the spot under the crown is often skipped!

The Moisturizer and Curl Cream,

I actually always use my hair clip, in three steps (starting at the bottom) I spread the moisturizer first and then curl cream in my hair.

Note: for fine hair, a pea of ​​the moisturizer is more than enough! lots and thick hair about a two euro coin.

A must have is the hydrophilic cloth,

I myself use this in my still wet hair, if I have added moisturizer and curling cream.

To gently squeeze my curls with the cloth.

This already extracts moisture, but no nutrition!


Another must have with this curling ritual is the the nebulizer!

For updating the days after so that your curls continue to shine without frizz!

mix squeeze of moisturizer with hot water, shake and ready to use.

I spray a bit of this over my hair, shake it loose, squeeze a little curl cream in 5 to 10 minutes diffuser.


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Hair dryer for traveling

Hair dryer for traveling

hair-dryer-brush-for traveling

I was often asked this, Do you know a good working hair dryer brush for traveling? especially in the salon that I first had, I had many clients with shorter hair. One of my customers bought this one at the time, and was so enthusiastic about it that I bought one for my mother at Christmas. she is also very happy with this travel hair dryer. ideal when you have little space left in your suitcase. that way you can still bring that extra dress in that different color! And we ladies love that!

A handy styling tool, travel hair dryer brush with 2 different brush attachments. One with wild boar hair and one with plastic brush attachment. for a city trip or a tour, this is a top hair dryer! Although I must of course say for daily use of a hair dryer, my preference is really for our super solid keune hair dryer

Can be used on 230 and 115 volts, so ideal for traveling!

The special brush with wild boar hair gives your hair extra shine! Due to the smaller diameter brush very suitable for shorter hairstyles.

You can easily order this hair dryer brush

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Perfume Boucheron-Eau de Parfum

Perfume boucheron


Perfume Boucheron-eau de parfum,

I had a client who I did her hair every week. She always looked beautiful! nails, hair, clothing, everything taken care of from head to toe! At that time her age was already 75 years old, but that was totally invisible to her! And she always smelled so good !!!! She gave me her old bottle that I could probably spray with one more time! Never had another perfume since that time! So good!!!

So ... perfume boucheron-eau de parfum tested? I am addicted to it! Lovely long-scented perfume that smells all day long. Fairly strong floral scent, so economical in use.

  • apricot, citrus, basil and mint
  • jasmine, lily, tuberose, orange blossom, geranium and cedar
  • sandalwood, vanilla, amber and musk

I often get the compliment what do you smell nice, and often from men! Customers who come to my salon often also say what it smells good here! I have the perfume in my salon. The very first thing I do in the morning is turn on the coffee machine and spray my perfume. often has an interesting offer and delivers quickly.

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Travel Hair Dryer tested by Monique

travel hair dryer for in hand luggage

Travel hair dryer tested by Monique

Because there is so much on offer, it becomes difficult to make a good choice. Ultimately, preference is given to a decent professional hair dryer for the home. but as an alternative, this is a great one for traveling!

Travel hair dryer tested by Monique is foldable, constant caring stand, and suspension eye.

The constant caring (middle button) position is ideal for keeping your fluff under control.

Only drawback:

with long blow-drying, the overheating protection switches on and you cannot use the hair dryer for about three minutes. Do you have curls? Then I advise you not to blow-dry too hot! This ensures frizzy hair much faster!


Do you want to learn everything about curls? check out my website and webshop, where you can find everything for the most beautiful curls without fluff.

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If you have any further questions, you can always send me a message, I will gladly help you on your way!


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L'Oréal Paris unlimited mascara tested

L'Oréal Paris unlimited mascara tested

The ultimate mascara with a beautiful black color that lasts all day.

The silicone brush ensures that your eyelashes are spread well and do not clump. This mascara lasts all day long!

nodding section

Had to get used to it but is very nice because you can apply your mascara much easier and it gives so much more volume.