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Controlled Chaos in stock at hair fashion monique!

We've worked with different products in the market, but controlled chaos beats everything.

I have never worked with one brand for so long.

3 tubes suitable for every type of curl!

It takes some experimenting with your curls in terms of the right amount for your type of curl.

Because porosity, thickness, curl type play an important role in this.

You can always send me an e-mail or a WhatsApp, so that I can advise you, I am happy to do it!


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You are also at the right place for all accessories regarding curls!

You will also find various videos how we do controlled chaos use:  Videos Haarmode Monique

Control your curls thanks to exclusive ingredients. and the perfect composition. provide bouncy curls without fluff!

  • free from gluten and sulfates
  • BPA-free packaging
  • Not tested on animals
  • 100% organic

The fragrance is delicious, but not overpowering!


CC cutting technique

Get the best out of your curls, have your hair cut by a certified controlled chaos hair hairdresser.

Through years of experience, we use different techniques to get the best out of your curls.

In addition, we provide tips & tricks during the treatment, so that you can also create the most beautiful curls at home.


Hair fashion monique

Hair fashion Monique is specialized in curl cutting,

On our website you will find all the information.



Because we want some information about you curls first,

we only make appointments by phone: 0623778375



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