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Controlled Chaos instructions

The cleanser:

First rinse your hair well! wash your hair 2x with the cleanser, spread an amount on your palms, massage the cleanser on the scalp. With the rinsing of the cleanser there is sufficient through the length and points.


The most important thing to control fluff! Always apply the moisturizer to soaking wet hair. If you have long hair, divide your hair into two parts. You fix the top part on your head with a clamp. Work from the points up, not on the scalp! Distribution of the products is very important there! and remember: where there is no product, fluff is created faster! Combs (wide toothed or with your fingers), Your hair is still soaking wet! After this, do not rinse your hair, leave the moisturizer in your hair. Depending on your curls, thick, thin, dry, you pepper the amount. This is a matter of experimentation. If you use the product for more than 6 weeks, then finish! try to get the same results with less!

The curl cream:

Hang down and take a € 1 curl cream (for you
maybe 50 cents or € 2, you should try that out because this is different for everyone).
Knead the curl cream in your hair and divide it / comb and knead the moisture out.
You are still hanging down. Then you take a hydrophilic cloth (or an old cotton T-shirt) and carefully squeeze the moisture from your hair. You turn your curls around your finger, press them, and put them at an angle.
Cold setting, (half heat setting) with diffuser (depending on how porous your hair is). Slow drying is usually best for your curls. Air drying is another option.
In our webshop we sell a hair dryer or a universal diffuser. professional hair dryer keune

NO MORE DURING YOUR CURLS WHILE DRYING !! You then pass the process and fixation
If you already see that a tuft dries a bit fluffy during drying, grab your nebuliser and spray it on your curls.
Only when your curls are 90% dry can you get your curls. Preferably only when they are completely dry
If you want volume, put your hands in your hair up to your scalp and shake your hair or get it
one by one apart from your scalp.
For more volume, use a small backcombing brush with which you only backcomb the roots, spray
put some dry lacquer on it and let it dry for a while.
In the evening, for example, you sleep with a pineapple on your head or a low bun on your neck.
If you experience some fluff in the morning, take the nebulizer (with our self-made product, for example) and treat the tufts that are fluffy. No more sitting down! Dry with the diffuser or air, ready! You can also squeeze a little curl cream. This quickly becomes a routine.

On our Instagram and facebook page or website: tutorials you will find several tutorials.

Wash your hair in the evening,

Go to bed with a t-shirt or a large hydrophilic cloth. This is only recommended if you have a mega bunch of curls.

Do your hair feel greasy or limp,

then you have used too much product. If your hair is still fluffy, then have
you use too little moisturizer.
The longer you use the products, you will notice that your hair becomes healthier and you less
of the products. The moisturizer you need after more use, really only minimal.

Healthy food,

Healthy food also contributes to getting the best out of your hair, here are the top 10: top 10 nutrition for healthy hair

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