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Pricing 1 nov.  2020 
To cut 16,00
Cut, dry 16,50
Cut, model dry (including reinforcement) 19.00
Wash, cut, model dry (including reinforcement) 22,75
Wash, blow dry 18,75
Washing, water wave 23,00

The prices for washing include a nourishing shampoo that looks at what your hair and / or scalp needs at the time for optimal treatment!

Pricing 1 November 2020
Paints from 27,50
Paint all, dry 35,50
High-lights from 15,50
Wash 12,00
Hair clipper 1 position 13,00
Hair mask 4,50
Bond fusion treatment 11,00
Permanently normal (incl. Cutting, water wave / blow drying) 75,00

Maintaining the quality of your hair is very important to us. We therefore only work with A-quality products.

Pricing November 1 2020
Curls cut short hair (up to ear free length) 47,00
Curls cut half-long hair (mid-ear to shoulder length) 55,00
Curls cut long hair 66,50
Curl cutting plus VIP treatment + 15,00
Treatment explanation about our products for curls 35,00